Water in the ear canal is extremely unpleasant. The water softens the ear canal skin and washes away the protective earwax.
Bacteria that can survive even in chlorinated water will have easy access into the ear canal. This can cause painful inflammation that must be treated in severe cases even with antibiotics and lead to permanent damage to hearing.
The risk of external otitis (inflammation of the ear) is 5 times higher for those people who spend a lot of time in water.
For sensitive ears a water protection is particularly important. The fabrication of plastics is in certain cases also useful for children. For example, after the use of ventilation tubes (grommets in the eardrum). Custom-made floating protection effectively prevents the penetration of liquid, thus protecting the ears. A floating protection comes in many different colors. It comfortably fits the ear due to the customizing and can be put on and removed by an easy grip. Even with excitable children and people who exercise the floating protection will sit safely and comfortably.

In order to achieve a snug fit, skin-friendly and durable swim protection hearing aid a hearing specialist will make an individual imprint of each ear.
The floating plastics can of course be used for bathing and swimming.
If the float protection due to lively water pleasure falls out it remains on the water surface due to the light, buoyant material and will not get lost.
So you can enjoy the water carefree !

The splash guard plastics can also be used as a noise protection plastic!
For example listening to loud music.


  • Optimal sealing prevents the entering of liquid
  • Safety while showering, swimming and bathing
  • Perfect fit, will not fall out even with lively games or water sports
  • Comfortable to wear due to soft, comfortable material
  • Easy insertion and removal by handle
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Made of floating material
  • Available in many color combinations for the right and left
  • Skin-friendly, suitable for allergy sufferers

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